6 Reasons to Rollover your 401 (k) to Gold and Precious Metals IRA

Every year, millions of American retirees face the challenge of managing their 401 (k) funds. And as the dollar carries on losing its value, the situation is expected to worsen.

It has led to financial experts warning employees to rollover their 401 (k) into an Individual Retirement Account.

There are more gains to be had with the Gold Individual Retirement Account than with any other type of Individual Retirement Account.

So, what’s Gold IRA?

The Gold IRA or Precious Metals IRA is an Individual Retirement Account that facilitates the purchase of physical gold or other precious metals like Silver and Platinum, kept in custody by a certified second party, but the IRA account owner retains sole possession still.

Considering the terrible present-day economic climate, a 401 (k) rollover is about the best financial move an employee in America could make today.

It simply involves transferring your retirement funds from your 401 (k) employer-plan into your Individual Retirement Account, and more specifically, the Gold Individual Retirement Account.  

So, what are some of the benefits of a 401 (k) rollover into Gold IRA?   

– Gold hardly loses value. For over five thousand years, gold has maintained a consistent record as a valuable article of trade. It has never lost value.

Now contrast that with paper currencies; and they have always failed, and the question about dollar, it’s only a matter of time before it fades away, too.

– Gold shields against inflation. In the days of long ago (the 70’s going backward) when the gold standard was still in force, even small units of money had huge purchasing power! Now contrast that with today’s high cost of living!

But gold is a great store of wealth and it shields against inflation.  

– Gold is highly liquid. Gold is recognized as a valuable asset throughout the world. And you could use it as a means of exchange in buying goods or paying for services with no complaints whatsoever. That cannot be said of other assets like stock and bond.

– Gold is appreciating. As the paper-currency-driven-economy spirals down, gold on the other hand is looking up, and its price keeps on adding. In point of fact, between 2008 and 2017, the price of gold almost doubled!     

– High fees on 401 (k). Unlike the Gold IRA, the 401 (k) requires that you pay different types of fees on your investments, such as plan administration fees, management fees, investment fees, individual service fees, and sales charges!   

– No penalties in emergency-withdrawals, unlike 401 (k). Sometimes you might be caught between a rock and a hard place and end up withdrawing funds from your 401 (k) plan. In that case, you get a ten percent penalty, as well as income tax. Since the IRA is funded with after-tax income, you can transfer your funds at no extra charges or penalties.

Want to get started on setting up your Gold IRA?

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