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21 Bitcoin Computer Review: Build Bitcoin-Payable Apps

21 Inc

21 Inc was launched around 2013 and its cofounders had been so over the moon they twisted their waists around in dance.

Basically, 21 Inc is a bitcoin startup that enables its users to build and sell machine payable apps around the world. The company licenses out a mining chip that makes it possible to generate digital currencies in the background while a machine gets used.

21 Bitcoin Computer

Basically, the 21 Bitcoin Computer allows the user to mine bitcoin on demand, and then purchase or sell products at the command line. There are no restrictions. Any buyer can connect to any seller across the world.

The 21 Bitcoin Computer has both hardware and software support for the bitcoin protocol. The hardware support allows the user to generate streams of bitcoin while the software support allows him to spend bitcoins in a “straight manner”.

The 21 Bitcoin Computer is an incredible tool for developers. Developers use the tool to build bitcoin-payable apps, services and devices.

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The 21 Bitcoin Computer has made its every user a potential developer.

Using the device you may be able to:

  1. Create bitcoin-payable apps
  2. Set up your digital store and incorporate a pay wall
  3. Host online gaming
  4. Pay for goods and services

The device can be operated as a standalone computer or you may connect it into a device to have more functionality.


  1. Command line interface
  2. 128 GB SD
  3. Pre configured bitcoin dependent software
  4. Amazing build design


The device may be used as standalone linux device by renting your keyboard and monitor only.

Or you may plug it in a device with internet so that you may be able to generate streams of digital currency that you may spend at command line.


First off, the product sold out!

You have got to check for new stocks.

Owing to the sensitivity of the device, I doubt it’d be appropriate to ship internationally.

Also, some customers complain that the device has faulty hardware (somewhat weak) so the system heats up to abnormal levels.

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