monero review

Monero (XMR) Overview

Monero is an untraceable digital value token, secure and private. It gives the user total control of their funds (almost as if they were a bank) and keeps their transactions and balances private. Secure This  e-currency operates on the distributed peer to peer network and every transaction is untraceable and thus secured. During account creation,

IOTA overview

IOTA (MIOTA) Overview

The name IOTA is noticeably a corruption of IOT (Internet of Things). As the Internet of Things continues to build up, so does the need to share resources. IOTA aims to play a critical role in ensuring that entrepreneurs generate maximum revenue. IOTA will do so by providing a free platform so that anyone can

dash review

Dash (DASH) Overview

Dash is a new age digital cash that seeks to streamline our finance world. The DASH token offers so much flexibility it may as well take the place of dollars/Euros. You can use DASH at online checkouts or in-store to pay for goods and services. Instant Using the InstantSend app which is native to DASH,

NEM review

NEM (XEM) Overview

NEM is another one of digital currencies that has scaled its way up pretty quickly thanks to the unique features it packs. NEM platform is designed to be fast, secure, scalable, flexible, and easy for developers to build on by utilizing their simple APIs. NEM is the first cryptocurrency platform to be based on a

ethereum classic overview

Ethereum Classic Overview

Ethereum Classic is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts. What are smart contracts? These are applications that execute commands as per the program with no possibility of aborting or being censored or interfered with in any way. In short, smart contracts are simply faultless applications. Decentralized The Ethereum Classic platform is decentralized, which means, review Overview

Founder Dan McArdle is a disruptive software company that aims to monitor, investigate, and locate users of bitcoin and other digital currencies. Bitcoin Philosophy If you are a bitcoin user, you obviously know that this software is against the “anonymity” philosophia inherent in bitcoin, and so much more reinforced in newer digital currencies

ripio review

Ripio Overview

Founders Sebastian Serrano   David Garcia   Luciana Gruszeczka   Originally, Ripio had been named BitPagos. Ripio is a blockchain-powered platform that seeks to rescue the un-banked masses by providing an alternative (better even) financial services infrastructure. High Population of the Unbanked The number of the un-banked people across the world is in the billions!

bitgo review

BitGo Overview

Founders Mike Belshe   Ben Davenport   BitGo is one of the leading service providers in the digital currencies ecosystem. The wallet alone sees about $3B worth of digital currencies pass through it in monthly volumes. The secret to BitGo’s success may be down to the fact that it was started by experts in both

changetip/changecoin review

ChangeCoin/ChangTip Overview

Founder Nick Sullivan   Changecoin is the startup that gave us ChangeTip. What is ChangeTip?  A micropayment processing platform for social media users. ChangeTip allowed users to convert likes into small tokens so that channel owners might see the real value in their “likes”. Using the service, you can tip any content creator on websites

sfox review

SFOX Overview

Founders George Melika   Akbar Thobhani   SFOX is the number one platform for buying and selling digital currencies in bulk. Looking at its metrics, you can quickly see that SFOX was designed for the advanced traders and enterprises only. The platform offers its clients an unfair advantage over buyers elsewhere by dropping the prices

hashfast review

Hashfast Overview

Founder Simon Barber   Hashfast was founded in 2013 in San Francisco. The company devotes its resources toward developing powerful ASICs used by bitcoin miners to verify transactions. Their first product was a high-performance tool that revolutionized bitcoin mining and called for scaling from GPU and CPU mining into ASICs. Mining Difficulty As time passes,

maicoin review

Maicoin Overview

Founders Danny Yang   Alex Liu   Maicoin is a Taiwanese-based exchange, wallet, and merchant services platform that aims to simplify the process of acquiring, storing and spending cryptocurrencies. The platform features highly localized customizations that are in line with their mission statement. It utilizes both bitcoin and ethereum as its native currency. Pay for

abra review

Abra Overview

Founders Bill Barhydt   James Robinson   Abra is the first blockchain-powered money transfer network. The Abra app sort of works in a similar way to Uber. Using the app, you can access many functionalities including; locating Abra Tellers that act as digital currency <> fiat money exchangers. All it takes is a simple download

litecoin review

Litecoin Overview

Just like bitcoin, litecoin is a decentralized digital currency based on blockchain. Litecoin wallet To get started, you must download a litecoin wallet for your device (whether desktop, android phone, windows, tablet or laptop) for this is where you will store your litecoins. Buy Litecoin Unless you are a litecoin miner, then the other main

ripple review

Ripple Overview

Nowadays new businesses are targeting international markets thanks to the existence of the internet, and so, there is a real need for powerful financial systems that make global transactions a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, the existing payment structures are inadequate. Ripple has developed a system to work with banks, so that money/value may be moved around