DCORP – Democratizing Venture Capital: Unlock the potential of the blockchain.

A new blockchain initiative by a team of Dutch entrepreneurs aims to decentralize and democratize venture capital. Featuring the world’s first decentralized derivatives exchange, providing investors and speculators the financial tools they trust. Options and futures redefined for the blockchain using revolutionary decentralized leverage solutions. “We will build an ocean of value, drop by drop.

CNBC Analyst: Bitcoin Can ‘Ease Strained Global Financial System’

CNBC has championed the views of an investor that Bitcoin is an “attractive investment” and could “ease the global financial system.” Michael Preiss: Bitcoin Can Be ‘Alternative’ The World Needs In an article which strongly contrasted with the news resource’s tone last week, CNBC quotes Taurus Wealth Advisors executive director Michael Preiss, who is bullish

Bitcoin Surpasses 2013 Google Trends Record

The number of Google searches for Bitcoin has trumped its previous record high, according to Google Trends. The third week of May saw interest in Bitcoin spike past its previous high set in November 2013. It currently holds a 30% lead over its past record. Bitcoin’s unprecedented price rise has undoubtedly driven recent interest towards it, having more than doubled since