Review of Pantera Capital: Bitcoin Investment Firm

Pantera Capital The CEO of Pantera Capital once said of bitcoin: “We believe the digital currency is at an inflection point, making it the right time for a transition to more institutional management.” Based in San Francisco, Pantera Capital is the unmatched global leader in blockchain investments. The firm is always on the lookout for

The Review of Wall of Coins: American Bitcoin Exchange

Wall of Coins Wall of Coins is an American bitcoin exchange. The company offers an optimized trade platform to buyers and sellers alike. The service is escrowed, and for that reason, buyers are shielded against thugs who might want to run off after receiving cash deposits. Wall of Coins is owned by Genitrust, Inc, a

Here are the currency-market winners from Trump’s first 100 days – bitcoin leads

President Trump has been in office for slightly over three months. When he was sworn in, he gave a promise to help boost the American financial sector. And so, what has his run been like? You may have a bad opinion about Trump, but let’s give him credit; he’s doing better than the state he

Top 10 Altcoins: All You Wanted to Know About Bitcoin’s Contenders

Bitcoin is a decentralized open-source form of digital cash. It was invented by an anonymous person (or persons) under the moniker; Satoshi Nakamoto, and has attained the biggest market cap in the cryptocurrencies sector. Having been inspired by the capacity of the distributed ledger, other decentralized digital currencies have emerged, but only a few have

What Bitcoin Traders Should Know About Fundamental Analysis

The precise worth of a currency may be found through a number of methods, but Fundamental Analysis is the most comprehensive method because it evaluates economic, financial, and other key variables, known as fundamentals. Being the opposite of Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis helps determine the actual worth of a currency, in order that key decisions