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10 Most Popular Cryptocurrencies Besides Bitcoin

There are over 800 cryptocurrencies available for trade, but a huge percentage of them have not even reached $10 Million market cap.

Bitcoin is the father of all cryptocurrencies, with a market cap upwards of $20 B. It has stayed at the top because of few main reasons like the early startup, the development of complementary technologies, and its wide reception.

Here are some of the alternative coins:

  1. Ripple

Founders: Chris Larsen & Jed McCaleb

Year: 2013

Ripple is a settlement system that functions on an open source protocol. Ripple is the currency native to it.

  1. Dogecoin

Founders: Jackson Palmer & Billy Markus

Year: 2013

This coin is famous for its “doggie” logo. 100 billion coins were produced in the first two years since its start and 5 billion coins are produced every year since.

  1. Ripple

Founder: Vitalik Buterin

Year: 2015

The kid genius Vitalik Buterin left Bitcoin to start the Ethereum Foundation. It’s basically a blockchain-based computing platform that provides smart contracts.

  1. Litecoin

Founder: Charles Lee

Year: 2011

Charles Lee was a former Google employee. His invention is very much similar to bitcoin.

  1. Monero

Founder: Monero Core Team

Year: 2014

It is an open source cryptocurrency that provides payment solutions with attention to privacy and scalability.

  1. Dash

Founder: Evan Duffield & Kyle Hagan

Year: 2014

It is an open source cryptocurrency that offers instant transactions.

  1. Burstcoin

Founder: Burstcoin Community

Year: 2014

It is a digital currency that operates under cryptography and runs on the blockchain technology.

  1. Blackcoin

Founder: Anonymous

Year: 2014

Peer to peer cryptocurrency that uses proof of stake to validate transactions. Its founder chose to stay behind the scenes.

  1. Auroracoin

Founder: Anonymous

Year: 2014

Another P2P cryptocurrency system. The founders are believed to be Icelandic programmers.

  1. Zcash

Founder: Zooko Wilcox

Year: 2016

This is a most recent altcoin. An open source payment platform that promises privacy.










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