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10 Most Influential People In The Bitcoin Network

In the early days since bitcoin’s launch, most people laughed it off as nothing more than a crazy idea. I’d bet you a milli most of those cynics are now rushing everywhere chasing the next shiny thing.

Bitcoin has developed into a billion-dollar economy and it promises to keep a trailblazing effect in the finance sector. This has been made possible partly by a team of new age financiers that stood with the cryptocurrency philosophy of eliminating third parties from between transacting parties.

Here are some of the most influential people in the bitcoin industry.

  1. Marc Andreesen

Marc is an American entrepreneur, investor and software engineer. He sits as a board member of tech giants like Facebook and Hewlett-Packard.

Marc is a most influential person in the bitcoin sector because he facilitated the funding of many bitcoin startups at a time when those companies had a hard time convincing high-profile investors that bitcoin had a future.

His own firm has invested in bitcoin startups like: 21 Inc, Coinbase, Tradeblock.

  1. Barry Silbert

He’s the founder and CEO of Digital Currency Group; a company that is devoted to cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. In 2013, he launched the Bitcoin Investment Trust, which became the 1st publicly traded bitcoin fund.

  1. Adam Back

Adam is the founder of Blockstream, and his company is at the fore front of cryptography and the blockchain technology.

  1. Blythe Masters

She’s a former executive at JPMorgan Chase. Currently, she serves as CEO of Digital Asset Holdings; a financial tech firm.

  1. Brian Armstrong

He’s the co-founder of Coinbase; a popular bitcoin wallet/exchange. Brian has received wide support from venture capitalists in setting up and running Coinbase.

  1. Tim Draper

Tim’s investment portfolio is diverse, but he’s widely regarded as a venture capital investor. He’s one of the rich boys who saw the “bitcoin potential” early enough and bought large amounts of it and only recently sold it off to make $16 million profit.

  1. Vitalik Buterin

He’s the kid genius who had started the bitcoin magazine. He also founded his own computing platform named Ethereum. Ether is the value token in the Ethereum system.

  1. Jesse Powell

Jesse is the Cofounder of Kraken; a digital asset exchange. He commands respect in the bitcoin industry and I suppose that’s why he was tasked with managing the Mt. Gox bitcoin heist.

  1. Andreas Antonopoulos

A Greek-American, Andreas is a tech entrepreneur and author. He’s obsessed about bitcoin, and it shows in the way he created a “Let’s talk bitcoin” podcast.

  1. Winklevoss

They are the answer to Wachowski. The Winklevoss are venture capital investors and are owners of the exchange named Gemini.








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